Never Mind the Bullocks: Here's the New Republican Party

| August 15, 2000

Never Mind the Bullocks: Here's the New Republican Party, Bill Boisvert, In These Times
Bill Boisvert ofIn These Times takes us on an amusing journey through the recent Republican National Convention in Philadelphia. Boisvert's edged commentary guides us through the anti-climactic speeches, gilded with snappy MTV-style attempts to appeal to a younger audience, to the melodrama of the PoliticalFest 2000 ('a Republican-themed display venue and shopping mall covering several acres'), and to the protests outside the convention, as he tags along with a group of anarcho-punks. 'The evening ends with a speech by the famously reluctant Laura Bush,' recounts Boisvert, 'who tells of George's enthusiasm for parenting and literacy. Her message to other women is clear: Like you, I thought a Bush presidency would ruin my family, but I was wrong.' --Amanda LukerGo there>>