New Horizons for Learning

Combining Cutting Edge Research and Real-World Classrooms

| December 18, 2003

New Horizons for Learning -- a non-profit organization shining the light on better ways of learning and helping actualize the future of education -- is an essential online resource for everyone interested in learning. Dee Dickinson, founder and Chief Learning Officer, writes that a 1970s 'explosion of new research from the neurosciences, cognitive sciences, studies in human development, accelerated learning strategies, and ways of identifying individual differences in learning' showed a need for collecting the new research and applying it directly to teaching strategies. Thus, New Horizons for Learning was born in 1980.

The organization realized much of its direction through dozens of conferences with leading educational theorists and thinkers. As the organization has grown, and stayed on the leading edge, technology proved an important part, and while early experiments with a hypermedia database often required more power than most schools could provide, it was an early demonstration of the power of computers. The website -- with exponential growth of available resources, a quarterly online journal and over three million per month -- is now an international educational network with teachers, professors, students, parents, administrators, and many others interested in better ways of learning using the site. From early childhood and parenting, to the newest neuroscience research, to student discussion of what works and what doesn't, New Horizons for Learning is an invaluable resource.

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