No Sex Please!

| May 14, 2003

When Senator Rick Santorum remarked recently that sodomy is ?on the same playing field? as bigamy, polygamy, incest, and adultery, he sparked an attack from the media and special interest groups that was reminiscent of the well-deserved blasting of Trent Lott last December for his comments on desegregation. Santorum voiced his opinion about bedroom etiquette while referring to the Lawrence v. Texas case that?s pending before the Supreme Court, in which two men were arrested on sodomy charges after Houston police responded to a false complaint. Not only was the comment offensive toward gays and practicing polygamists, but according to Dan Reines, writing for, anyone who?s getting it on in the bedroom should be on guard. ?In the senator?s eyes, the right to sexual privacy among consenting adults is not a given,? writes Reines. He argues that Lawrence v. Texas is more about privacy than it is about sodomy. ?In Texas?and in more than a quarter of all states, it?s worth noting?it remains illegal for consenting adults to express their sexuality, even in private, unless their sexuality meets standards laid out by the state legislature.? So, it?s not that Santorum is anti-gay; he?s just anti-sex.
?Nick Garafola

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