Oil-Slick Jim Moves In

Excerpt from <em>The Best Democracy Money Can Buy</em>

| April 2004

From the new Expanded Election Edition of Greg Palast's
The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (Plume)
Available In Stores Monday April 26, 2004

I avoid The New York Times but lately, it's become a compulsion, though only for the new daily column titled, 'Names of the Dead.' Today's listing: 'DERVISHI, Ervin, 21, Pfc, Army. Fort Worth.'

I'm not one of those cynical people who thought Bush sent us into to Iraq for the oil. To me, Saddam Hussein was always a Kurd-killing cockroach with a Hitlerian mustache. I never liked the guy -- not even when he worked for George Bush Sr.

It's worth going over the work the Butcher of Baghdad did for his Texas patrons when he was their butcher:

1979: Seizes power with US approval; moves allegiance from Soviets to USA in Cold War.

1980: Invades Iran, then the 'Unicycle of Evil,' with US encouragement and arms. (In fairness, credit here goes to Nobel Peace Laureate, James Carter.)