On the Road to Peace

| September 2005

Reflections on the September 24 antiwar mobilization and the spiritual power of protest

On the Peace Bus
"Welcome peace warriooors!" shouts Sara Williams into the bus's tinny microphone. A 55 year-old healthcare worker from Saint Cloud, MN, Williams is one of our 'bus captains.' Her green tie-dyed t-shirt reads "Peace is Patriotic" and her powerful voice bubbles with excitement through a thick drawl from her native South Carolina, setting the mood for the grueling 25-hour bus ride ahead of us.

My brother Sam and I decided at the last minute to join a group of Minnesota activists on a bus chartered by Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) headed for the September 24 peace march on Washington, DC. Drawing upwards of 300,000 people, this would turn out to be the largest antiwar demonstration since before the war.