Organic Passion Portraits

| January / February 2006

In Author Michael Ableman's Fields of Plenty, Farming Is a Labor of Love

Writer and photographer Michael Ableman knows a thing or two about farmers. He's been one for some 30 years. For his latest book, Fields of Plenty (Chronicle Books, 2005), he took a summer off from farm chores and circled the United States in a beat-up VW with his son, Aaron. The two of them visited dozensof farms and discovered an abundance of local farmers growing sustainable crops with an astounding variety of methods. If American agriculture is sick -- from poisonous inputs, monoculture methods, and overproduction -- these folks have the remedy: local production by men and women who know and love the land. You can meet some of them on the following pages, and more of them in Ableman's book ( -- The Editors

Mary and David Falk

2/2/2013 8:25:32 PM

this site is grate for growing your won food and doing it organically