Organizing Your Neighborhood for Y2K

Adapting the Boulder Model

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There is a rhythm to neighborhood organizing just as there is in all of life. It usually begins with an idea of one person, talked out with another person, and then getting more people involved in the idea, which is now owned by the community.

On the issue of Y2K, the outlook of the Boulder County Y2K Community Preparedness Group (BCY2K) is one of hope:

'We can do this if we work together';

'This preparedness will help through any disaster such as that 100-year flood due to hit us';

'[This represents] an opportunity to create a caring community.'

When you set out to organize your community, you might ask yourself, 'How do I encourage people and offer hope?' Your attitude will make a huge difference in how people will accept your information. Take time to center yourself before a speaking engagement, have fun with the audience, don't overbook yourself so that speaking becomes a burden instead of a joy.

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