Oscars Blacklist Stars to Prevent Anti-War Speeches

| March 21, 2003

It?s being called a return to McCarthyism. But forget about Reds and Pinkos, the new enemy is the opinionated Hollywood actor. In attempts to ensure repeat business with advertisers, the producers of this year?s Oscars award ceremony have decided to gag voices of peace-loving Hollywood actors by blacklisting them from presenting at the event. They may still appear in the audience dressed to the nines in no-audio cameo appearances, but don?t expect to see Meryl Streep, Sean Penn, Vanessa Redgrave, George Clooney, Dustin Hoffman, or Spike Lee making any dissenting comments on March 23. The greater fear is that directors like Michael Moore will be punished for speaking out against the establishment with his movie Bowling for Columbine, which is likely to win the documentary feature award. ?If Moore does not win an Oscar, insiders claim Hollywood will be reverting back to the witch-hunting 1950?s, when Senator Joseph McCarthy and his cohorts destroyed the careers of supposed Communist sympathizers,? writes Annette Witheridge, U.S. correspondent for the Scottish newspaper The Scotsamn. Now if they can only find a way to keep Joan Rivers quiet.
-Nick Garafola

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