Pet Timeline

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circa 12,000 BC: The Asian wolf is domesticated for use in tracking game, creating the first known 'dog,' though it bore little resemblance to today's household dogs.

circa 7,300 -- 7,000 BC: The trend continues almost five thousand years later when tribes in the British Isles, and later the Greeks, begin to keep dogs.

circa 3,500 BC: The domestication of animals, including goats, sheep, asses, cattle, pigs, horses, and dogs -- combined with the invention of the wheel and the development of irrigation -- has streamlined food production enough to allow a few people to engage in scholarly, spiritual, aesthetic, and economic pursuits.

circa 3,000 BC: Following the invention of granaries in Egypt, wild cats are allowed indoors to hunt mice, beginning the evolution of the large, ferocious feline into our much smaller, yet ever willful, houseguests.

circa 2,850 BC: The Great Sphinx is created.

circa 2,000 BC: Egyptian hieroglyphics depicting exotic menageries of birds -- including doves, parrots, and ducks -- chronicle the beginnings of birdkeeping.

circa 0 AD: Jesus Christ is, reportedly, born in a manger, surrounded by humble animals.