Pluck off

| June 26, 2002

Pluck off, Brendan O'Neill, Spiked Online
Japanese World Cup fans dressed up as leprechauns, references to the Irish team as 'warm, spirited, have-a-go heroes,' and post-match coverage of Ireland's 'brave boys in green' are all too much for Brendan O'Neill. As the Irish football fan writes in Spiked Online, Irish stereotypes and the media's outpouring of sentimentality made Ireland's defeat in the clash for the World Cup even more pathetic than the loss itself. O'Neill resents the patronizing sympathy, saying that it's not much different from earlier Irish images of fighting drunks or thick Paddies, and argues that Ireland's loss should be treated as any other loss. And as for the recent gushing 'terms of endearment' toward the Irish, The writer says, 'I think I'd rather be called a fighting bogtrotter.'
--Julie Madsen
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