Pointing Back at Poindexter

The common argument of institutions that rely on video
surveillance is that only criminals are afraid of cameras. But when
professor Steve Mann of the University of Toronto and his
anti-surveillance team turn their camcorders on these Big Brother
wannabes they become standoffish and sometimes violent. Mann is one
of the founders of World Sousveillance Day, which falls on December
24 (sousviellance is meant to mean “observe from below”). WSD is an
opportunity to promote democracy and human rights, and to raise
awareness about all forms of surveillance. For four years the WSD
group has been trying to come up with creative ways to raise
awareness about the current glut of surveillance that we’re
subjected to every day. One of their choice tactics is to snap
photos of a shopping mall security camera until they catch the
attention of a security guard. The fun starts when the cop tries
find a way to justify the privacy rights of the video camera.

–Nick Garafola

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