Press briefing by Ahmad Fawzi, Spokesman for the SRSG on Afghanistan

| December 3, 2001

Press Briefing by Ahmad Fawzi, Spokesman for the SRSG on Afghanistan

As four Afghan groups continued with U.N.-moderated talks in Bonn, Germany, last week, similar talks among Afghan civil service groups began, reports the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Afghanistan (SRSG).

SRSG spokesman Ahmad Fawzi announced the Civil Society Conference for Peace and Development in Afghanistan, a meeting meant to discuss the nation's future and to emphasize the role of women rebuilding it. The meeting is attracting representatives from Afghan academic, journalist, women's, and non-governmental organizations, as reported by Jay Newton-Small of Earth Times News Service.

The conference, sponsored by a delegation of European women's groups, aims highlight women's issues in the future of Afghanistan. The three-woman delegation -- featuring the head of the Equality Commission in the European Parliament, the president of the Belgian Women's Council, and the president of the German Women's Council -- stressed the important role of women in rebuilding Afghanistan.

According to Fawzi, Afghan women who spoke at the conference were grateful for the support they received from Western groups and glad to have the opportunity to resume their 'traditional and historical roles as active members of Afghanistan society in all fields.'
--Kate Garsombke
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