Program Links Volunteers to World-Network

| May 18, 2001

Program Links Volunteers to World-Network,International Volunteer Programs Association
Billing themselves as 'an up-to-date search site for international volunteer and internship opportunities,' this Web site for the nonprofit International Volunteer Programs Association offers a plethora of information for the first-time sojourner, as well as refreshers and lists of more focused Web sites and organizations for the seasoned traveler searching out new employment. The site allows visitors to search by world region, country, type of work, and project duration; elsewhere, there's information on financial aid and scholarships, help with the logistics of family stays, and specific answers to the omnipresent kicker, 'Why should I pay to volunteer abroad?' The impressive Resources page contains extensive lists of other Web sites offering both broader and more focused volunteer-, internship-, and job-related search options; a final resource offers a spectrum of online essays, including the classic 'Alternatives to the Peace Corps,' which argues against highbrow and noble overseas aspirations and instead concludes that '...the volunteer’s most appropriate role is that of a student.' The site also offers general information pertinent to any and all globetrotters: resources for international insurance, obtaining visas and vaccinations, packing hints, and even mysterious tips on 'mental preparation.'
--Carey L. Biron
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