Psychedelic Republicans? Trading Cards

| April 9, 2003

Hey Kids! Still nursing the headache from that off-year election hangover? Fed up with being publicly ostracized for your liberal views? Now you too can belong to the most exclusive clubhouse in America, with the help of Psychedelic Republicans? trading cards. You?ll feel like a genuine neocon insider as you impress your most conservative friends with only the most top-secret stats. Learn which member of the Bush Junta receives spiritual guidance from the Naked Mole Rat. Discover which fun-loving GOP pundit lounges around in nothing but his argyle socks and a hernia truss! Each pack of Psychedelic Republicans? trading cards is available for only $4.99, or buy the entire three-series set for just $13.37. (Secret handshake not included). Looking for a way to feather that retirement nest egg? Psychedelic Republicans? ?are also available for purchase in attractive, steeply discounted point-of-sale display boxes (36 packs/case), or in bulk quantities.?
-Erin Ferdinand

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