Punk Rock Cooking

| October 26, 2001

Punk Rock Cooking, Gayle Forman, GetCrafty.com
Who says cooking needs to involve exact measurements and someone else's recipes? Certainly not Gayle Foreman. In GetCrafty.com, Foreman outlines her own punk rock cooking style and encourages people to 'enjoy the creation of food as much as the consumption of it.' Foreman also supplies readers with a list of 10 tips to add some anarchy to their own cooking. These tips, which range from not being afraid to take risks and being bold with fruit to indulging your impulses and inspirations at the supermarket and not stressing out in the kitchen, make for enjoyable cooking by anyone--be they an amateur or an expert. Citing glossy cookbook photos and trips to the supermarket as her muses, and poverty, vegetarianism, and a restauranteur mentor as her inspirations, Foreman's descriptions and suggestions will leave your mouth watering and your stomach aching for a trip to the grocery store. So, what will you be cooking for dinner tonight?
--Lindsey Dickinson
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