Puppet Nation

Puppet Nation, Andrea Perkins, Metro
Santa Cruz

In an effort to dispel the image of the unhinged puppeteer, (i.e.
John Cusack in Being John Malkovich) Andrea Perkins
highlights a professor who talks of the vastly different role of
puppets in other cultures. In the alt weekly Metro Santa
Perkins introduces us to Kathy Foley, a UC-Santa Cruz
professor who studied puppetry in Indonesia, where puppeteers are
revered as shamans and priests. In her classes, Foley introduces
artists to puppetry as a medium to communicate ideas. ‘If you want
to smash all divides of gender, race, age, etc.,’ she says, ‘one of
the best ways is through masks and puppets. It is a way to really
liberate yourself as a performer.’
–Sara V.
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