Questions for Public Officials

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Public dialogue on the year 2000 problem has centered around its potential impact on businesses and government and 'the economy.' Little attention has been paid to the potential impact on communities--which are, after all, where we live--and on what preparations would be prudent to support communities (that's us!).

Please use these questions. If enough of us ask them in public forums, we can trigger vital community-oriented public dialogue and public policy on Y2K. And please, today, share them with your friends and associates. The sooner these questions get asked by lots of people, the faster we'll get creative responses. Feel free to print, publish, broadcast, distribute, or use this material in any way that you think will stimulate positive approaches to Y2K.

Now is the time for us to demonstrate to politicians and officials at all levels that citizens are aware and concerned about Y2K. Our representatives should be educated about what needs to be done to prepare for potential disruptions. We have designed the following questions to lift Y2K into the political dialogue. Before each question, we provide an opening background statement questioners may use to inform their audience and the politician or official. Then we give the question, phrased to get politicians and officials to say how they will handle the Y2K issue being raised.

Government officials may be asked these questions any time, especially at public meetings. If they're asked these questions repeatedly, we'll probably see coordinated government responses to Y2K rising to the top of everyone's agenda. We suggest you have your local groups attend public meetings, call in to radio and TV talk shows, write letters and ask these questions. Together we can launch our constructive Y2K agenda into the national consciousness. We can push officials to:

? help us get more information about basic infrastructure readiness,

? address how Y2K will affect communities, and