Rachel's Last E-mail

| March 2003

Last week we published an email from Rachel Corrie, the American 'human shield' killed by an Israeli army bulldozer March 13 in Gaza, to her parents. Here is her final exchange with her father.

March 11, 2003


I find writing to you hard, but not thinking about you impossible. So I don't write, but I do bore my friends at lunch giving vent to my fear. I am afraid for you, and I think I have reason to be. But I'm also proud of you'very proud. But as Don Remfert says: I'd just as soon be proud of somebody else's daughter. That's how fathers are: we're hard wired not to want our children, no matter how old they are, no matter how brave they are, and no matter how much good they are doing, to be subject to so much threat or even witness to so much suffering. You may say (have said) that it is wrong for me to stick my head in the sand; but I say I am only trying to (or just wishing I could) stick your head in the sand'and that's different. Hard wired. Can't be changed on that aspect of the issue.

I love you, and please take care!