Rain Taxi Review of Books Online

| April 16, 2001

Rain Taxi Review of Books Online, website review by Al Paulson, Utne Reader Online
For those familiar with the newsprint stock quarterly Rain Taxi Review of Books, you'll be thrilled with the online edition. 'Rain Taxi' may sound like the title of a Tom Waits song but it's actually a refreshing review of poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction that veers off the familiar path winding through mega-stores like Border's and Target. The online version of Rain Taxi covers similar ground and features colorful cover art where the print version is only black and white. In the Spring 2001 issue you can wander through the shelves and read reviews of recent works by such diverse talents as Christine Hume, Rick Moody, Tony Kushner, Katherine McNamara, and photographer Walker Evans. There's also a link to the 'Brainstorm Series' that 'showcases daring original work by innovative authors, each limited to an edition of 300 copies' and an online index of authors where you can read past reviews and interviews. This site is a must for 'people of letters' who want to surf the web on a higher plane.
--Al Paulson
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