Reality Check

Searching for a paradise more real than reality, David Boyle
explores Japan’s Ocean Dome — sliding roof, wave machine, and
painted clouds — just across the highway from the real ocean.
Writing in The Ecologist, Boyle explains that what he
finds is anything but Eden. He is non-plussed by the fake fruit,
constant 86 degree-temperature, fake volcano with water slides, and
piped-in sound of ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot.’ Even after the
employees demonstrate that their wave machine produces 10-foot high
waves for 24-hour-a-day surfing — constant, perfect, never-ending
waves — he just can’t get excited about it. Eventually, the real
ocean, real sky, real crabs, saltwater, seaweed, and fish — just a
short walk away — call out. He returns his rented swimming trunks
(orange with sailing ships) and heads back into the real
Joel Stonington

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