Reassigning Tim Russert

| April 4, 2001

Reassigning Tim Russert, 13 contributing writers, The Washington Monthly
Thirteen of the top journalists and political pundits pontificate on what the media needs. Together they create a recipe for heartier government policy coverage, the first step of which includes assigning well-established reporters to government beats. Hosted by The Washington Monthly, the discussion begins with one of its contributing editors, Jonathan Rowe's nine suggestions for the media. He gives the media the advice to pay more attention to the story and follow the money among other common sense ideas that they seem to be ignoring. One of the other writers chastises the media for its arrogance, he writes: 'The point is that the press needs to remember that news is so much more than novelty. And what better time to pay attention to the relevant past than when confronted with a government with so much of one? Investigating and articulating the proven strengths and weaknesses of powerful people is the best thing the press can do to ensure that they use that power properly.'
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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