Residents Can Check on State's Y2K Readiness for Themselves

Y2K Readiness

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OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Key institutions and agencies have come a long way in Y2K preparedness, says Washington state's Year 2000 Office, which is offering citizens the opportunity to see for themselves.

'A lot of the big things have been solved,' said Dave Workman, communication coordinator for the Washington Year 2000 Office. 'We do know a lot of problems will not happen. Many of the large organizations have been aggressive. So the next thing is to make sure that the public knows that.'

As part of its Y2K information program, the office has created on its web site a way for citizens to see how well local service providers have prepared.

Residents who access can plug in the names of the county and city where they live: financial institutions; electric, gas, and telephone companies; emergency services departments, and government and social benefits programs.

After they hit the 'create report' button, a data sheet offers the contact names and phone numbers of the selected agencies, a brief summary of each of their Y2K mitigation efforts and a link to individual web sites.

Much of the information on the 'Year 2000 and You' database was created last summer, but the Y2K office is in the process of asking providers to update their reports.