Rethinking Our Basic Assumptions

| June 27, 2003

Spring has just turned into summer, which means ?the ?Points of Assumption? scouting season has begun!? according to the folks at A smartMeme is a vehicle injecting new ideas into popular culture, contesting established meaning and facilitating popular rethinking of assumptions. The site opening coincided not only with the first day of spring, but also with their campaign for followers to readjust the inherent contradictions in their daily activities with the basic values of life and justice. The writers, thinkers, artists, organizers, and activists who contribute to the site stress the importance of holistic values based in critique of culture, and encourage followers to design their own brigades. In their words, ?many of us are familiar with direct action at the points of destruction, consumption, or decision. The question now is how can we get beyond individual campaigns and single-issue frameworks to aim our ?direct action at the point of assumption?? The web site provides a reading list, an open ?Meme Lab? discussion forum, news, email action alerts, and a helpful glossary of terms, which indeed includes the word smartMeme.
?Kate Zurlo-Cuva

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