Review of Folgers Coffee

| July 1, 2002

Review of Folgers Coffee, Dan Norton, Flak
You can have your free-trade, shade-grown, Ethiopian AAAA -- but are you really happy? Dan Norton in Flak has found enlightenment in the quest for the best cup of coffee, and it is (hold on to your demitasse) the 'non-specifically ground, straight from the huge red corrugated can, cheap cheap cheap taste' that is Folgers. Norton, who worked as a barista with intricate knowledge of the fine art of preparing high-quality coffee, finally realized that simplicity matters more than cultivated tastes--and real contentment comes with the ability to drop your expectations a notch. 'When you decide you are refined, that you must sensitize your palate to only the highest quality, you give up something. The ability to accept less,' Norton writes. 'Cheap wine will lose its pleasure once you've learned the finer aspects of wine tasting. It's this same effect for heroin users. After experiencing reality in such an ecstatic form, walking around in a normal world is almost unbearable.'
--Julie Madsen
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