Riding the MTA’s Love Train

Riding the MTA’s Love Train, Eric
Wittmershaus, Flak Magazine
Singles these days are reaching unprecedented levels of creativity
when it comes to finding that special someone, as demonstrated by
the recent proclamation that ‘The first car of every subway train
running in NYC’s five boroughs is hereby declared THE SINGLES CAR:
A free zone for unattached New Yorkers to meet the commuter of
their dreams.’ After an e-mail containing this statement reached
Manhattanites in August, the MTA began noticing singles on the
prowl crowding of the first car of several trains. The crowding
reportedly has created some confusion caused by various sexual
subcultures claiming certain cars as their own and creating
unfortunate overlaps–in one case, between the ‘single parents’ car
and the ‘man-boy’ love car. As Greenwich Village resident Susan
Rabinowitz concluded, ‘I’m beginning to pine for the days when all
the cars were the ‘Leave me the hell alone’ car.’
–Erica Sagrans
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Matt Wurst rides the singles car, but admits that he probably won’t
have the guts to hit on anyone until they start serving alcohol on
the train.
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