Road Reads

More Magazines for the Real Traveler

| July/August 2001


Articles below will be available online August 28.

Real Travel
-Joe Robinson

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Humanity
-Cindy Ovenrack

Dream Vacations
-Andy Steiner

(print only) Thailand On 500 Baht A Day
-Decca Aitkenhead

Please Stay Home
-Karen Olson

Let’s Go—Podunk
-Jon Spayde

Rough Guide To Your Own Backyard
-Chris Dodge

(print only) I Disagreed
-Christopher Reid

(print only) Globetrotter Dogma
-Bruce Northam

Road Reads
Utne Staff

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Adventure Divas
A broad enterprise that unites adventure travel and modern-day heroines to create fresh new media for television, the Web and someday, print;

Big World
A feisty, zine-like companion for the independent, down-to-earth, budget-conscious traveler.
Subscriptions: $9.49/yr. (about 4 issues) from Box 8743, Lancaster, PA 17604

Blue Mag
Action sports, adventure travel, and outdoor recreation through wild, urban, and political hotspots.
Subscriptions: $19.95/yr. (6 issues) from Bowling Green Station, Box 452, New York, NY 10275-0025

Escape Magazine
The Global Guide for the Adventurous Traveler;

The Frugal Globetrotter
Bruce Northam is an adventure author, speaker and tourism adviser;

New writing—fiction, personal history, reportage and inquiring journalism. documentary photography.

A politically aware and realistic guide to adventurous travel.
Subscriptions: $20/yr. (6 issues) from 559 College St., Suite 312, Toronto, ON Canada M6G 1A9