Ruckus Society Sells ?War Profiteers? Playing Cards

The hell-raisers at the Ruckus Society have laid down their
cards to reveal a full house of corrupt corporations, villainous
U.S. government officials, shady defense contractors, and
scandalous heads of industry, finance, and media. In response to
the deck of ?Iraq?s Most Wanted? cards the Bush administration has
distributed to the U.S. troops, Ruckus created its own deck of
cards, available online at Each card depicts
a war profiteer and describes his or her involvement in the
so-called War on Terror. The site allows you to download the full
deck of cards in PDF format, or buy a printed one that
or get a printed one as a premium for donating
$10 or more to support the Ruckus Society?s effort to expose ?the
institutions and individuals that stack the deck against democracy
in the rigged game of global power.? You can easily shuffle through
an alphabetical listing of 53 of America?s war criminals or click
on whichever one suits your fancy to get an in-depth look at
different types of profiteers on the loose. In this stack of cards,
George W. Bush is no Junior?he?s the Joker.
?Candace Crockett

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Know Your War Profiteers
Card Deck

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