Saddam Alive and Plotting His Return, Ex-Generals Say

| May 2003

Saddam Hussein is alive and hiding inside Iraq with his two sons, according to exiled former Iraqi generals who have returned to Baghdad. The Iraqi dictator, they say, is rebuilding the Baath Party under a new name and communicating with trusted supporters with the intention of returning to power.

Saddam has changed the name of his political organization to ?Auda,? which means return, said Maj. Gen. Tawfiq al-Yassiri in an interview with Reuters. ?Saddam Hussein prepared for every eventuality, including the total collapse of his regime. He does not leave anything to chance and has ample means of communication,? Yassiri said. ?He uses different tools at his disposal to issue orders for his followers to spread chaos.?

The current level of chaos in Iraq works to Saddam?s advantage, said Maj. Gen. Saad Obeidi, a psychological warfare specialist who is working with U.S. forces. ?Time has always been the backbone of Saddam?s strategy,? Obeidi said. ?He is a man who knows the psychology and sociology of Iraq. The looting and disorder we see now fall in his favor.?

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