Sarajevo Notes

| July 22, 2002

Sarajevo Notes, Allan Graubard, Exquisite Corpse
Allan Graubard's discovery of Sarajevo's beauty and history led to some return trips, which the traveler documents in Exquisite Corpse with poetry, narration, historical notes, and a captivating photo essay. In a journal-like dialogue, Graubard captures the personalities of Sarajevo and its inhabitants, which both seem to be patiently and determinedly making their way out of ruin and tragedy. The writer comments on the simultaneous mood of progress and history that Sarajevo embodies, and he senses a difficult struggle between the two: 'They (citizens) also sense that they must struggle to preserve what they value, and that there are some things they will lose in the effort, including their nostalgia. Sarajevo has lost much more than a dream of its past. Yet it is still an open city, its optimism tempered by reconstruction, its humor forged by war.'
--Julie Madsen
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