Satellite Radio Network Launches Gay Talk Show

With the advent of satellite radio comes Harrison on the
Edge, Radio for the Rest of Us
, the nation?s first GLBT
morning drive-time radio show and self-proclaimed voice of Gay
America. The show promises listeners explosive investigative
reporting, gay reverie, and witty commentary. Host Cary Harrison,
who used to work over television audiences while peddling fake
diamonds and velvet Elvises for the Home Shopping Network, blames
the media for lowbrow media frenzies and for confusing the public
interest with the public appetite. And he admits to having been an
occasional accomplice to news mediocrity. ?I used to engage the
simple battlefield of shock and spectacle?crashing head to head
with on-air TV guests like rams in heat,? says Harrison. Still, the
satellite radio host boasts ?a progressive, icon-busting
philosophy? and strives ?to challenge institutional wisdom and
ethics? for the benefit of his listeners by providing a combination
of in-depth investigative reporting, satire, and analysis.
Harrison on the Edge is available live on the web at and via
the Sirius satellite radio network on channel 149: OutQ.
?Nick Garafola

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