| March 10, 2003

Scarleteen editor and founder Heather Corinna is my new hero! Her Web site, ?committed to delivering the best contemporary teen sex ed on the Net,? is easily the most impressive sex education tool I?ve seen. With its stunning Pulp Fiction visuals and a wealth of honest, entertaining information, Scarleteen will appeal to adults and adolescents alike. Each of its 10 sections has a home page, articles, advice, its own chat room, search and resources?far too much information to do justice with a single review. From ?Seven Ways to Love Your Body,? ?Ready?or Not? Our infamous sex readiness checklist,? and ?Safer Sex (for your heart),? Scarleteen addresses sexuality from every angle, including people with disabilities, and examines all sexual options, including celibacy, ?without the dogma.?
-Erin Ferdinand/p>

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