Science and Environment 2001

| November/December 2001

Alternative Therapies

Those intrigued by new trends in healing but wary of the flight from science should check out this peer-reviewed California bimonthly, which brings rigor to the radical medical fringe.

Larry Dossey, exec. ed; David Riley, editor in chief
InnoVision Communications/AACN
169 Saxony Rd. Ste. 104
Encinitas,CA 92024
Subscription address:
Box 627
Holmes, PA 19043
$64/yr. (6 issues)


OnEarth (fkaThe Amicus Journal)

The Natural Resources Defense Council uses this as its official voice, but its content stretches beyond the institution to address a wide range of environmental, political, and cultural issues.

Kathrin Day Lassila, editor
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
40 West 20th St.
New York,NY,10011
Subscription address: same as above
$10/yr. (4 issues)