Scripting Bin Laden's Last Act

| December 17, 2001

Scripting Bin Laden's Last Act, Richard Blow,
Though the military and Bin Laden have yet to enter the end game, the script has already been written, writes author Richard Blow in '...[I]t's reasonable to assume that ever since September 11th, White House officials have been strategizing a Bin Laden end game. The goal: To kill Bin Laden without martyring him. The method: First, discredit him, to diminish his value as a martyr. Second, ensure that his death does not come at the hands of U.S. soldiers. Even if it does.' In this light the recent release of the Bin Laden videotape takes on a different kind of significance. Blow argues that the White House chose to hold the tapes in order to contribute to the media frenzy that would ensure the 'ultimate release saturation coverage' to villainize Bin Laden. How exactly does the last dance read? Find out at
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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