Secrets of a Good Night's Sleep

| May / June 2005

Simple ways to relax and rest easy

Sleep is an important time of restoration for both physical and mental health. Unfortunately, those critical hours are not so rejuvenating for the approximately half of Americans who report chronic sleeping problems. But just as your body can learn bad sleep habits, it can also learn good ones. Here are some ideas.

Cooperate with your body clock
Your 24-hour "body clock," or circadian rhythm, is a key to deep, sound sleep. The body clock function of your brain determines your times for sleep and waking by affecting your body temperature and by the daily release of certain hormones that affect alertness. You can enlist its aid by following some simple steps.

5/16/2009 10:10:06 PM

This was a great article, I always like to relax using vivid imagery. Ocean daydreams work wonders for me.