Secrets for FUN

We asked?you answered. These winning essays shed new light on how to have a good time.

| July/August 2001

In our March/April cover story we asked readers to share their tips on how to have a good time, and more than a thousand of you responded with entries full of wisdom and whimsy. We proudly present our two winning essays here, along with a few others that caught our attention.

Amanda Witherell • Bar Harbor, Maine

Graduate from college one beautiful June day with a degree that qualifies you for a career in nothing. Once again, realize you’ll have to work hard to get anywhere in this world. Wonder if there’s anywhere you really want to go.

Work hard all summer for a trip that doesn’t pan out in September. Get laid off your job in November. Wonder what it would be like to do nothing. To live for the sake of living. To stare each long day in the face and just get from moment to moment to moment.

Set aside enough money to pay the bills. Live off 50 dollars a week. Twenty dollars a week. Ten dollars a week. Pennies take on a whole new meaning.

Get scared because everyone you know has a career or a drinking problem. Or both. Quit booze, butts, and one-night stands. Take up knitting, cooking, and staring out your window at the pigeons that live in the eaves. Scan the classifieds every week, but not too hard. You’re enjoying this.

Hope that your new hobbies have a purpose, a point. Hope they aren’t just fruitless attempts at filling the void. Give away everything you knit. Double your bread pudding recipe and give half to your neighbors downstairs. Feel good about this.