Sexiest Movie Scenes Without Sex

| September 17, 2003

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez have the best sex scene in film history, and they don't even kiss! According to a report by Leo Schlink in the Australian Herald Sun newspaper, London's Empire magazine recently published the sexiest sex-free film moments, naming the trunk scene from Out of Sight as the hottest ever. Rounding out the top four are the infamous sword fighting scene in The Mask of Zorro, Mena Suvari's cheerleading routine in American Beauty, and Olivia Newton John's bad girl look at the end of Grease. Empire also released a 'Flop 10' poll in which Body of Evidence was deemed to have the worst movie sex ever, thanks to the embarrassing spectacle of Madonna pouring hot wax on Willem Dafoe. Other notable film sex disasters include 'Douglas's [sic] saggy bum' in Basic Instinct, the Brando butter fiasco in Last Tango in Paris, and 'most laughable of all,' the Heather Graham/Joseph Fiennes bondage ordeal in Killing Me Softly.
-- Erin Ferdinand

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