Sex, Sex, Sex!

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An unlikely trio of the erudite Parabola, New Agey Magical Blend, and the gal-respecting Ms. have sported sex covers recently, and there's plenty in each that's provocative. In Parabola, Jacob Needleman ponders the much-hyped but illusive 'sacred sex,' and wonders whether the cultural obsession with sexuality has more to do with a cultural starvation 'for a certain kind of energy. . . . It has less to do with some other, indefinable attentiveness toward each other, even confrontation sometimes.' Among several sex features in Magical Blend virtual reality wizard Jaron Lanier disses virtual sex: it implies that sex is a 'media experience, as opposed to a mystical communication between people.' And in ' look at 'how women are redefining sensuality and pleasure,' Greta Christina explores the counting game (c'mon, we've all done it), and what qualifies as a notch. While hets have long debated whether oral sex 'counts,' Christina's notch might include a mutual lascivious grin. Or does it?

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