Short Takes: News From All Over: February 2, 2006

February 2, 2006

| February 2006

They Always Shoot the Dog
By Radley Balko, The Agitator
Given the number of tragedies generated by America's decades-long "war on drugs," it's easy to overlook the canine casualties of drug raids. Since invading police officers are rarely held accountable for animal injury or death, they can be quick to shoot dogs at the first sign of trouble, bereaving minor drug offenders, medicinal marijuana patients, or their unlucky neighbors. -- Brendan Themes

Write Myself a Letter
By Staff,
Ever wish you could look back in a year, five years, ten years, and remember exactly what you were thinking at this moment? Now you can. The website lets you type an email to yourself for future delivery on any date you set, through the year 2036. And in case your inbox changes, the site lets you update your email address any time, so your virtual time capsules never have to miss their mark. -- Leif Utne