Short Takes: News From All Over: February 9, 2006

February 9, 2006

| February 2006

One Family, One Month, 50kg of packaging. Why?
By Lucy Siegle, The Observer
Why on earth would anyone shrink-wrap a coconut? Today's pre-packaged economy has created an enormous amount of unnecessary waste, and the British newspaper The Observer set out to find just how much. They recruited four families to save all of their waste for one month; experts then weighed and analyzed it. The tallies ranged from 16 kg to 42 kg, with an ecological "overburden" -- the energy and resources used and waste generated to make the "skin of commerce" -- topping out at 76 kg. -- Bennett Gordon,,1696638,00.html

NYU Student Fired Over Copyright Beliefs
By Jake Dobkin, Gothamist
A New York University student and president of the school's Free Culture chapter was fired from her job at an intellectual property law firm for "holding beliefs that were incompatible with the work of the firm." While this seems absurd, Gothamist, a New York culture blog, makes a good point: Why was the president of a Free Culture chapter working at a firm dedicated to protecting corporate copyrights anyway? -- Bennett Gordon