Single, with Complexes

| September 5, 2001

Single, with Complexes, Gavin McNett,
Back in the days of arranged marriages, the volatile milieu of dating and all its foibles probably didn't get much ink. But in this modern world, the subject is exhaustingly covered in everything from board games to movies to music to books. The latest trend in dating-oriented books inclines toward the self-confessional tome - think High Fidelity and The Bridget Jones Diaries. According to Gavin McNett, writing for, two new dating books--A Very Lonely Planet by Ryan Bigge and My 1,000 Americans by Rochelle Morton--aren't worthy of a goodnight kiss. One, written by a 'guy' about a 'pathetic guy' and the other, written by a women out to date a thousand American men as a study, are enough to turn anyone off of dating, writes McNett. 'Once you've read them,' he notes. 'you'll never go out with a member of the opposite sex again, for fear of looking into their eyes and seeing a Bigge or Morton reflected back at you.'
-Al Paulson
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