Sluts Kick Butts

| June 3, 2002

'Sluts' Kick Butts, Web site review by Sara Buckwitz,
Canadian 'bad girls for a better tomorrow' take on big tobacco in this fun, florescent-pink site. 'The corporate establishment works at keeping women and girls down by encouraging binding, self-destructive rebellion like smoking and starvation,' the site's manifesto declares. Sluts Against Butts invites you to download their action toolkit, print out bumper stickers and get involved. The Ottawa-based 'sluts' plan to drive their portable 'Caravan of Confessions' around downtown Toronto to shame big tobacco's collaborators into 'confess[ing] the sins of their involvement with big tobacco.' Roxy Sabre, a spokesperson for Sluts Against Butts said, 'Every bad girl knows there are some people you just shouldn't get in bed with...Somehow that lesson was lost on many Toronto organizations.'
--Sara V. Buckwitz
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