So Long Skid Row

| September 9, 2002

So Long, Skid Row, Eric Alan Barton, New Times of Broward/Palm Beach
The residents of a low-income apartment building who will be forced out by an out-of-town developer share their stories about their home, and their fears about what will happen to them next. Eric Alan Barton in the New Times of Broward/Palm Beach tells of the dark side of urban renewal, which allowed a Miami architect and developer to buy the property 'for a song' and replace it with condominiums, without a thought toward its residents. Barton says that while 'Calling these men victims of urban renewal would be too easy. Most are drug addicts or alcoholics with filthy mouths. Many are drifters who spend their days thinking of little more than their next beer,' many are just common people enduring 'the lowest point in their lives, who scrape together money for rent each week. The last days of the cockroach-infested hole where they lived tell a story of simple people pushed out by gentrification.'
--Julie Madsen
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