Speaking with Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal on the 2004 presidential election

| November 2004 Issue

How do you balance your desire to unseat Bush with your desire to change what you describe as the "one party system?"

I don't know that I'd connect them as concepts. If Bush is returned, which I think most unlikely, there might not be another election. You put two things together that don't go together. Bush is an immediate danger. The two party system is something else again that has yet to be invented. Bush is up for reelection, and if he is, the conquest of the world's oil supply, which is what this is clearly about.... There are no ambiguities except their denials. I think he is the most dangerous thing that has ever come along in the history of the country, so I think it's very important that he be defeated. I think he will be, in the sense that he was defeated in the popular vote in 2000. The same thing will happen this time around, because word I'm getting from Pennsylvania and Ohio is that he's running way behind, because they are suffering from depression. So I think he will go where he's intended to go, except this gang will do anything to hang on. They've got too much invested in the conquest of the world's oil supply. When Cheney came to Washington in 2001 as Vice President, he called for a commission that asked the geologists and so on, "How much longer is the oil and gas supply going to last for the human race?" And they said something like, "Well, certainly until the year 2020, and then after that, well..." With that, Junior starts talking about invading Iraq, he starts talking about war. Then comes 9/11, then comes the twin towers debacle, which should have been handed over to Interpol, as it was a criminal action and not a warlike action, because no country was involved. The urgency now is that he not be allowed to serve a second term, and we must make it so difficult that all of the forces that he can call to his aid get nullified. God knows it's going to be a real Halloween, this subsequent election period.