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| Utne Reader January / February 2007

2006 UIPA Winners

In November, Rabbi Michael Lerner's erudite rejoinder to the religious right released Tikkun Reader: Twentieth Anniversary (Rowman & Littlefield) to showcase memorable essays from the bimonthly magazine's all-star cast of contributors: Naomi Wolf on 'Starting on My Spiritual Path.' Jim Wallis facing down fear, post 9/11. Lama Surya Das ruminating on the timeless value of nonviolence. Peter Gabel on 'Spiritualizing Foreign Policy.'

Revisiting these intellectually rigorous, often deeply moving works concerning our society's collective soul (or lack thereof), we were reminded why Tikkun routinely makes our short list of nominees (eight times since 1989, when it won top honors). Besides challenging people of all faiths to use their bully pulpits 'to mend, repair, and transform the world,' the magazine has made it a mission to stay in the face of what Lerner calls the 'values neutral' secular left.

Both messages are invaluable. The executive branch is still beholden to fundamentalists, the globe is once again a battleground of rigid religious belief systems, and progressives still don't know how to keep the faith. Over the past year, Tikkun has not only adeptly analyzed this reality, it has also articulated a pragmatic vision for change.

Subscriptions: $29/yr. (6 issues); 800/395-7753; www.tikkun.org.

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