Splog Poetry

When spam and blogs conjoin, the result can be poetic

| April 13, 2006

Splogs, the illegitimate lovechild of spam and blogs, are websites made to look like blogs by streaming fake posts. Instead of musings about politics and technology, splogs are filled with computer-generated gibberish meant to entice search engines to link to them and get people to click on the ads.

Splogs may wreak havoc on search engines like Google, but they provide an excellent source for found poetry. Below is a sampling of poems reconstructed from splogs found on SplogSpot and Technorati. The syntax of the splogs has been kept intact. Some words have been deleted, and some punctuation marks have been added.

Product Development
This blog is for
The people that wishd
To think as they control the risk.

I Think [A Haiku]
Online task you thought
that I had need of a drink.
I am forgotten.

Pink is My Favorite Color
They are serious, serious.
One of the taken, one of disease,
Like I could be.
Therefore, my doctor explained to me the correct term.

What is your favorite one?
I know how many teeth of wisdom
Make them decide, if they wish to enter,
or they are in love.