Spy Leak May Violate PATRIOT Act

| October 2003

There's a terrorist in the White House -- at least according to the language of the PATRIOT Act. Whomever leaked the identity of Joseph Wilson's wife as an undercover CIA operative is clearly in violation of section 802, which defines domestic terrorism as 'acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any state' which 'appear to be intended to coerce a civilian population.'

Newsday political analyst Samuel Dash, a Georgetown University professor and chief counsel of the Senate Watergate Committee, recently observed that White House officials are in violation of their own policy by intimidating former Ambassador Wilson and 'sending a message to all critics of the administration to beware that they too can be destroyed if they persist.'

Will the Bush Administration be subjected to roving wiretaps and secret searches of their computers, offices and homes? Will they be arrested and detained 'incommunicado, without access to counsel?' Will White House aides be detained as material witnesses?

If the White House is outraged by such suggestions, as well they should, Dash wonders how thousands of wrongfully detained Muslims must feel.

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