Stop Street Spam

Stop Street
Web site review by Kate Garsombke,
Signs advertising weight-loss programs and work-from-home scams may
have proliferated, but one group has organized to fight the
annoying placards that have become eyesores on street corners and
telephone poles in major cities across the country. Citizens
Against Ugly Street Spam
vows to find illegal
advertisements and yank them down ’10 times faster’ than any street
spammer can put them up. Instead of ripping signs down, some
‘Sharks’ cut out the phone numbers on the signs, rendering the ad
useless. But CAUSS is careful to make exceptions for garage sales
and other speech because they are community events, not commercial
enterprises. The CAUSS Web site also has forums for every state in
which Sharks can share their stories of spam-jamming.
–Kate Garsombke
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