Street Racers Challenge Each Other And The Cops

| July 18, 2001

Old Habits Never Die, They Just Go To San Jose: Street Racers Challenge Each Other And The Cops, Russell Morse, Pacific News Service
Street racing is a mythical American rite of passage--or so we're told in movie and song: Testosterone-inflamed youth driving Detroit's finest, tweaked to a roar, keeping one eye out for 'John Law'. In Pacific News Service, Russell Morse describes a modern-day scene in San Jose, California, where teenagers still rendezvous on out-of-the-way streets to see who's the fastest and bravest. Today's street racers don't drive the classic '57 Chevys or '68 Chargers while listening to rock and roll; they lean toward fuel-injected Hondas, Mustangs, and Accuras and listen to rap and techno. Still, speed and the risk of arrest will always appeal to those who still feel invulnerable in their young age.
--Al Paulson
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