Superbugs V. Pesticides

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At the same time that many big grocery chains are introducing small organic food sections, agricultural pesticide use climbs steadily higher, reports Susan Meeker Lowry in . This trend is echoed worldwide; worse, bugs are simply developing resistance to chemical after chemical. By the year 2000, all major pests are predicted to show some genetic resistance. Plus, some 200,000 farmworkers die worldwide from pesticide poisoning, with thousands more becoming seriously ill.

The seven top grocery chains, which like most supermarkets carry mostly pesticided produce, are the target of the food safety group Food & Water Inc., which urges consumers to let grocers know they want food grown with pesticide alternatives. Pesticide Action Network -- North America explains Food & Water's campaign, as well as PANNA's international efforts against pesticide abuse and advocacy for chem-free agriculture.

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