Taking Liberties

| February 21, 2003 Issue

Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is where more than 600 prisoners from the war on terrorism are currently being held. Writer Joel McNally had the rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the complex while traveling in Cuba with a 20-member delegation from Milwaukee. “We are on a Cuban military overlook gazing through one of those coin-operated viewing machines that usually provide close-ups of the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls,” writes McNally for the Milwaukee alt weekly Shepherd Express. “Only this time we are seeing a military concentration camp.”

Guantanamo is the second largest bay in Cuba and has been occupied by the U.S. military since the Spanish-American War. Besides the camp, the bay also features a U.S. naval base, 70,000 landmines and a golf coarse. Best of all, every year the U.S. writes Cuba a check for $4,085 as a sort of rent, but Castro has refused to cash a single check since the Cuban Revolution.